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Analyze your Chess Pro - PGN Viewer

Lucian Musca

Easily view, edit, analyze and share your chess games.

The description of Analyze your Chess Pro - PGN Viewer

Download Analyze your Chess Pro now, to have accurate analysis of your chess games at your fingertips and bring your PGN files to life.

Analyze your Chess Pro allows you to easily:
• View chess games
• Analyze chess positions providing the best lines of thinking
• Analyze chess games providing an analysis report containing alternate moves instead of the blunders/inaccuracies played in the game
• Manage your PGN files
• Share your chess games as an animated image (GIF) or as a video (mp4)
• Record chess games
• Annotate chess games
• Create chess problems, tactics or puzzles

• Intuitive user interface design
• Multiple chess themes
• Support for tablets
• Import chess games in PGN format from internal storage, SD card, Dropbox, web links or clipboard
• PGN specification support (support for comments, move and positional NAGs, tag pairs, recursive annotation variations, move time information etc) for both view and edit scenarios
• PGN Games Explorer with advanced filtering (can include white, black, result, FEN information inside the compound filter)
• Accurate chess analysis using Stockfish 12
• Analyze an entire chess game displaying inaccuracies, blunders and suggesting better moves.
• Analyze a chess position with MultiPV (multiple lines of thinking)
• UCI chess engine protocol support (Stockfish, Lc0, Arasan etc)
• Open Exchange chess engine support (Komodo 13, Stockfish 12, Chiron, Texel, Senpai etc)
• Chess Engine Management (install/uninstall/activate engine)
• Short/Long algebraic notation for chess moves
• Auto replay games
• Move List Navigation
• Share game as text or GIF via email, Twitter, clipboard etc
• Share position as FEN or image via Messenger, WhatsApp etc
• Collection of 50 high quality chess games included
• Opening detection from the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) for any chess game.
• Engine options configuration (Hash, Threads, Syzygy tablebases, NNUE, etc)
• Partial games support (chess tactics, chess endgame positions, incomplete games)
• Open game/position using Analyze your Chess Pro, when using the Share action from other chess apps
• Paste game/chess position
• Record and/or annotate chess games
• Set up chess position visually
• Evaluation bar to quickly see which player stands better
• Small opening book embedded, to give advice on good moves used by GMs in the opening stage of a game

Analyze your Chess - PGN Viewer, the free version of Analyze your Chess Pro - PGN Viewer , is available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucian.musca.chess.analyzeyourchess&hl=en.

Free vs Pro version
• Pro version does not contain ads
• In the Pro version, you can install any number of chess engines (both OEX and UCI)
• In the Pro version, game analysis (either by time or by depth) is not limited.
• In the Pro version, you can load PGN files from SD card
• In the Pro version, you can paste PGN file/FEN from clipboard
• In the Pro version, you can set up a position visually
• In the Pro version, you can configure engine options for chess engines that support UCI options (Hash, Threads, Syzygy tablebases etc)
• In the Pro version, you can record chess games (entire games, partial games, tactics) in PGN format
• In the Pro version, you can use advanced PGN edit functions (promote variation, edit tag pairs)
• In the Pro version, you can filter games using advanced filters in Games Explorer
• In the Pro version, you can receive FEN/game using Share from other apps
• In the Pro version, you can view your recently opened PGNs
• In the Pro version, you have access to the evaluation bar.
• In the Pro version, you have access to opening moves suggestions and statistics provided with the embedded opening book.

Internet permission - is used for open PGN from Dropbox, open PGN from web links and analytics.
Storage permission - is used for chess engine management, chess engine endgame tablebases support and local PGN file management.
Category: Free Board Game
Publish Date: October 10, 2020
Latest Version: 1.8.9
Get it on: Get Analyze your Chess Pro - PGN Viewer
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Installs: 1,000+
Offered By: Lucian Musca
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